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Tiles for the bathroom: different styles for customized environments


Tile surfacing for the bathroom should be chosen based on the technical specifications of the materials and the aesthetic impact desired


The bathroom tiles are the first and the main element that characterises the style of the environment. It is starting from the choice of the tiles that the finish and shape of the furniture, the colour of the sponges and towels, the model of fixtures and the type of lighting will be chosen.

The most-commonly used surfacing is ceramic, both due to its resistance and ease of cleaning, and the wide choice of shapes, patterns and colours. From MOMBRINI INGROCER you can find all sizes of tiles on the market, complemented by decorative inserts, strips and special pieces, in a wide range of colours and shades. The customer may also wish to explore our section of decorative inserts and mosaic tiles, to create walls or details of great visual impact in their bathroom.


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Installation systems

The laying must be performed carefully and precisely if you wish to achieve a good result without any inconvenience. MOMBRINI INGROCER, a Mapei partner, is responsible for over 50 years of top class flooring and surfacing laying systems.

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