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Thin flooring: an innovative choice

Kerlite is the new ultra thin porcelain stoneware: 3 or 5 mm thick


The new surface for the architecture is Kerlite, the porcelain stoneware available in large size sheets, up to 3 metres for 1, with a thickness of 3 mm. MOMBRINI INGROCER, a company which has always been attentive to new products on the market, is an authorised reseller of this special innovative material. With the experience and the expertise of our company floor layers, you can have this new and fascinating porcelain stoneware, laid expertly in your own home, in a width so thin that it encompasses all the beauty and strength of the stoneware.

To cover wall surfaces in residential and public buildings, both indoors and outdoors.

Must be clean, dry and stable. Check the flatness of the surfaces and level if necessary.

Apply the glue full spread onto the bottom with a spatula. Bang the surface of the tile with a rubber spatula to make it adhere completely. For installation on external walls always carry out a double coating.



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Installation systems

The laying must be performed carefully and precisely if you wish to achieve a good result without any inconvenience. MOMBRINI INGROCER, a Mapei partner, is responsible for over 50 years of top class flooring and surfacing laying systems.

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