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Floors made of laminates and PVC: perfect value for money

For new buildings and renovations choosing a laminate floor or PVC allows high performance with a low cost

In its ample showroom MOMBRINI INGROCER also displays laminate and PVC flooring, valid alternatives to the traditional materials, which have a more moderate purchase and installation price but a high performance and aesthetic result. Replacing old flooring which is now out of fashion or damaged is one of the greatest problems, because demolishing the existing flooring to lay a new one means facing costs, inconvenience and considerable time.

In these situations you can choose to have laminate or PVC flooring laid on top of the old floor, which involves at the most having to adjust the height of the uneven areas and the doors.

Laminate flooring

Laminate is not a parquet but it comes close to it as its appearance typically has grains. It is formed by a layer of MDF wood, or refined wood fibres recomposed with high-quality melamine resin, on the surface of which a moulded plastic material with very high resolution is applied, depicting the essence and the grain of the wood. It is refined by a transparent and waterproof layer. It can be laid in all domestic environments, even the bathroom and kitchen. Gluing is not necessary but you can lay it by interlocking on an insulating mat, without lifting the existing floor. It is pleasant to walk on, not cold to the touch and can partially reproduce the porosity of real wood.

PVC flooring

PVC (vinyl chloride) is one of the most-used materials in the industries of today and is a 100% recyclable plastic material, perfect for domestic use in any room, even in the bathroom. It is available in a wide range of colours and can reproduce many materials with a very faithful aesthetic appearance. PVC flooring is an excellent solution for replacing old floors without having to alter the masonry or incur more substantial costs.
If you want to be sure to avoid altering any unevenness or doors and windows, you can use an adhesive vinyl flooring. MOMBRINI INGROCER also offers this solution to its customers and it is possible to assess first-hand the quality of PVC flooring at the company showroom in Caravaggio, Bergamo.




Installation systems

The laying must be performed carefully and precisely if you wish to achieve a good result without any inconvenience. MOMBRINI INGROCER, a Mapei partner, is responsible for over 50 years of top class flooring and surfacing laying systems.


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