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The outdoor flooring with a click

Decking: an innovative mounting system of outdoor paving


The decking is an innovative system for outdoor paving and for wood surfacing It can be used to easily create flooring for the garden, swimming pool, or for any outdoor surfacing.
MOMBRINI INGROCER offers high quality and innovative materials for decking: from the use of the best wood for outdoors (Ipe, Yedan, Teak and heat treated Ash) to the use of revolutionary resin floorings (Composite Decking).
The mounting system of the outdoor flooring or surfacing (decking) is quick and easy: you can remove one or more planks individually at any point from the outdoor floorings, without the need for a screwdriver!

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Installation systems

The laying must be performed carefully and precisely if you wish to achieve a good result without any inconvenience. MOMBRINI INGROCER, a Mapei partner, is responsible for over 50 years of top class flooring and surfacing laying systems.


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