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Marazzi: an international leader in the field of ceramic tiles

For over 20 years, Marazzi has been the preferred choice of architects and designers


Marazzi is an international leader in the field of ceramic tiles.
Experience and capacity for innovation, a love for ceramics, attention to the target environment and accuracy in implementation are the key strengths of Marazzi ceramics. Since 1935 they have given shape to living spaces, combining aesthetics and high quality materials. Over 5,500 products in porcelain stone, crystallized stone and single fired, as well as mosaics, marble, granite and natural stones available in various sizes, colours, thicknesses and surfaces, allow Marazzi to promptly satisfy the needs of living and contemporary architecture. For years now MOMBRINI INGROCER has been selected as an authorised Marazzi reseller, offering its entire wide range of stoneware products.

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Laying systems

The laying must be performed carefully and precisely if you wish to achieve a good result without any inconvenience. MOMBRINI INGROCER, a Mapei partner, is responsible for over 50 years of top class flooring and surfacing laying systems.
Please consult the datasheet in pdf format to learn about the specifications for laying your chosen material.


Our brands

  • Ceramica Vogue

  • Trend

  • Stone Italiana

  • SkyTech

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